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Future of News mediums in India

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Hello friends, nowadays the world is changing day by day, people are adopting some new way in every direction of life, whether it is in any field like reading, writing etc. Here if we understand by example, then one can understand more easily. In our country or any other country, people used to read books, but with the changing world, people mostly study on the Internet and not through books because there would be more facilities available for reading.

Talk further, what kind of medium people use most of the time nowadays, because the future of news is hidden within it. Let us know what is the future ahead?

First of all, we talk about what kind of medium we use most of the time, then let us tell you that different mediums are used by people in the world, but here we discuss the medium of news in India and its future. are doing.

In India, people still use newspapers in large quantities because people get relaxed in it. The people who use newspaper in India are mostly senior people as the youth of the country now use the internet. The number of users using the internet in India has increased very fast since the arrival of Jio because at that time there was a tremendous entry of smartphone in the country. Today, more and more people in India have smartphones with which people are connected.

People mostly use Hindi language in the country, hence newspaper comes in all those languages ​​such as Hindi, English and Urdu etc. As everyone knows that Hindi is the national language of India, so the number of people who read it is the highest.

You will also find different websites that provide the best news in Hindi and do not have to pay any charge for it, it is completely free. In English too, you will find many similar news websites such as Hindustan times etc .

If we talk about different states in the country, then there are many news works at small levels there, some work for newspaper and some run local news websites. Uttar Pradesh is the largest state of India in terms of population, so the number of people reading the news here is also high. That’s why most people are working for Hindi news in Uttar Pradesh. You can guess from this that when you search on google, the best Hindi news in up, then you get the name of the website from the biggest to the smallest.

If we talk about the future of paper news and news websites in India, then it is clear that it is still in use but the time to come is going to be entirely on websites.

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