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digital payment : online money transfer and wallets


Digital Payment : Friends, we all know that our India is moving towards Digital India, Government of India is also promoting people towards digital. Nowadays, all the work is going digital, whether it is for online payment, shopping or asking for food online for food, modern India is visible everywhere.

Digital payment is that when we use electronic method for money transfer means money transfer, then it is called digital payment. Everyday people are reducing the cash with money because some people feel it is a burden and some people have started using the cash to avoid falling or theft. Here we will talk about how you can make a payment sitting at home through your mobile. Below we will talk about the famous digital payment instruments in India which revolutionized India in this direction.

Recently, there has been a statement from RBI that there is still some kind of cash flow in India, but it will not be wrong to say that Digital Payment is also moving forward but slowly.

If we talk about the popular means and keep them according to the category, then the name comes at the top of Paytm.

1) Paytm

Friends, Paytm became the most popular when demonetisation took place in India. At the time of demonetisation, the Indian government had closed 1000 and 500 notes all over India, due to which people had to line up for more than hours to withdraw money from ATMs. Then Paytm lengthened its service, examining the fragility of time. It was widely spread all over India and people also benefited. Actually the use of DIGITAL PAYMENT reached its high level at that time.

To send or receive money from Paytm, first you need to go to your android phone’s google play store and search for an application named Paytm. Now go and install it and sign up with your mobile number. Now you have to verify your number, after that take some time and you will have to do KYC.

There is nothing to worry if you are not able to get KYC, then after that you still have the option, without KYC, you can send or take money from your bank. After KYC verification, you can open an account with Paytm in your separate Paytm Payment Bank and can also get your Debit Card.

2) Google Pay

The best means of second DIGITAL PAYMENT is Google Pay. Paying from here is easy and is also considered safe as it is verified by Google. Like Paytm, you can send money from google but here you get more security.

Sending money in it also gives reward to some people and the thing that makes it special is that there is no wallet of any kind, whatever reward you get is directly transferred to your bank.

In recent times, since the rest of the companies have brought merchant account for shopkeepers, then Google Pay has also brought a similar facility, if you are a shopkeeper, then you also open the merchant account of google pay and ask customers to You can take money through the medium which will go directly to your bank account.

3) Phone Pe

If we talk about digital payment in modern India and the name of phone pe cannot be missed because now it has become a big market all over India. If we talk about the current growth rate, then it is also overtaking paytm. From sending money to it, you get all the facilities related to reward and cashback.

Digital payment

Recently, phone pe has invested a large part of its revenue for marketing, so that you can guess how big its market will be in the coming days. Like paytm, google pay they also have their own merchant account which is for the convenience of shopkeepers in which shopkeepers also benefit.

4) Amazon Pay

In my view, this place is the best for this because this company is offering its facility all over the world and it has a huge contribution towards Digital Payment because it gives very large percentage to the online payment to its customers. It also promises to return, so people make digital payment due to greed.

As you all know that the owner of amazon company has been the richest person in the world and during his recent visit to India, he told that now he is going to make a big investment in India in which the people making digital payment and More discounts will also be given.

Digital payment by Government

Since demonetization, the Indian government has also taken several measures to promote digital payment, such as BHIM App has been brought by the government through which you can transact money through government.

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Digital India slogan given by the government to promote digital payment. The effect of which was seen as if any scheme now comes by the government, then beneficiaries are benefited by sending the money digitally directly to their bank. Indian Railways has also played an important role in it because free Wi-Fi facility is available at almost all railway stations of the country so that people can enjoy digital payment even while traveling.

Now you do not have to be a part of the long line to book tickets from the railway because now you can book any type of ticket sitting at home. Which saves you the cost of going to the station and you can also book your favorite seat. Actually, digital payment has brought revolution in the life of common man.

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