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5 best tips to find copyright free music for youtube

Royalty-free-music for youtube

Copyright-free music is necessary if you want to save your account. Nowadays people like watching more than reading, so the trend of youtube in the internet world is increasing very fast. youtube has become the best platform to connect with people through video, youtube is being used to reach people and this news is reaching millions of people within a few minutes. So youtube has become a necessity of people in a way because here you will get such features as songs, movies, online games, etc. facilities which are available now and there are many more facilities that are yet to come. As soon as a new update comes on youtube, we will bring it to you first.

Right now what we are going to tell about is most important for those who are thinking of making videos or blogging on youtube right now. What happens is that when you make a video, you need background music for that video, because without it your video looks a little bit different. You will need different types of music here, like at the beginning of the video, in the middle and everywhere you need different music. You can not use any song in youtube for yourself, for this you have to take permission from the owner of the song, after taking copyright you can use their song.


Next, we are going to tell you about the ways by which you can get copyright-free music for your youtube videos without spending any money and without taking copyright from anyone.

Youtube Audio Library

First you have to log in to your youtube account and if you do not have an account then you will have to sign up. Here you have to go to your Creator account, after that, where the audio library will be an option. There will be different free music available in front of you. Which you can also shorten to your liking and use them in your video.

Along with free music, you will also get different sound effects here which are free and are very good for different music effects in the video. You can also use all these music and sound effects commercially and earn money.

Copyright Free Music Websites

The first website is Here when you open the website, first you have to click on royalty-free music, after that, you will have to go to the view collection. Here you will find some kind of audio.

This is the biggest treasure for those who are from the film making industry because here you will find all kinds of audio, comedy, horror, and mystery. Whatever type of audio you want, you have to click on the same option. After going inside you will find a lot of songs and music. It is worth noting that below you have to see if there is a CC option or if it is available, then you can use music in any way.


The other website is The same type of option will appear here. You can download free songs of any mood you want by clicking on it and you can use it in your video.

Here you do not see any option of CC license (creative common license), so it is not confirmed here that whether this music is completely free or not. But when you go inside, you know some things. There are some conditions that you have to agree if you want to use free music.

Conditions: You cannot resale their music or songs, meaning you cannot resell it. And you cannot claim this music.



The third website is On this website, you also get free music but some paid music is also available. You often find free music available here, but when you go ahead and see the option of purchase, you can see that you cannot use it for free. In free music, you get a Creative common license-free while you have to spend some money to get paid.

4. NCS (No Copyright Sounds)

On the 4th comes NCS (No Copyright Sounds). When you open youtube, you will have to search there under the name No Copyright Sounds. All the music that is given in these are free and in the description of every music video, credit is given to the original creator and any artist who is given credit there is a link to the creative common license of that music in the description there. Gives on Songs here you can use anywhere.

5. Audio library No copyright music

Audio library No copyright music channel comes next. The music here is much better than NCS. The music here is more beneficial for those who have to do blogging on youtube. To get more free music from here, you can also go to the artist’s name in the description of the video along with their Soundcloud account as per the link given.

After reaching Soundcloud you can get even more free music. While downloading music from there, note that the artist has not placed any condition for the music. For more information, you can go to their about us page and get information.

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