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Special Message to the world from an Italian person about coronavirus

Emotional message

This message has been posted by Jason Yanowitz of Italy, whatever he has written in his language is being translated and written as follows: –

“Message to the whole world, who do not know what disaster they are going to face” – As I understand the whole world knows that at this time all Italy has been quarantined .. ie Has been completely closed .. This situation is very bad. But it is worse for those who think it will not happen to them.
We know how you are thinking .. because we were also thinking like this before.
Let’s see how it all started:

Stage I (First Stage):

You know that coronavirus is such a thing .. but it has just started appearing in your country .. so you think there is nothing to fear .. because it is just a kind of cold .. more Anyway I’m not 75+ years old so why fear me.

Then the first step proceeds:
And you wonder if everyone is going crazy for masks and toilet paper .. Something like this is not going to happen .. My life will continue to go on smoothly.
Comes again.

Stage II (Second Stage): –

Gradually .. the number of patients starts increasing in the country .. and the government restricts the boundaries of one or two cities .. and tells you that there is nothing to fear .. everything is fine (on 22nd February Was in Italy).
The second stage is the second step.

corona letter
Some people die, but they are all old people and the media is angry at that. We think this is not a good thing people keep on meeting their friends, normal Life goes on and we feel that nothing will happen to us.

Three-phase (third phase): –

Gradually, the figure of infected people starts to increase. Double the number of people gets infected in one day. The number of deaths increases. And the government restricts four big areas from which there are most cases (these take place in Italy on March 7). Then 25% of Italy’s people are locked in homes.
Comes again.

Then schools, bars, and restaurants are closed in some areas but offices are still open. Media and newspapers are already published by government regulations.

Stage III proceeds:

Nearly ten thousand people of Italy, who were detained by the government in other areas, leave the place in one night and go back to their homes. And about half of the people in Italy are busy with their daily activities.
Stage III is the third step.

The people of Italy are still not able to understand the disaster of this virus. Everywhere in Italy people are being told to wash their hands once in a while. People should not stand in groups or crowds. On TV It is being explained every ten minutes. But these things are not sitting in people’s minds.
Comes again.

Stage IV (Fourth Stage):

Schools and colleges everywhere in Italy have been closed for at least one month. National Health Emergency is put in place. All hospitals are made available for patients with empty coronaviruses.
Stage IV (fourth stage) progresses further:

Now there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in Italy. Now all the doctors who have retired are also called back on the job. The students who have completed their second year of doctoral studies are also called. There is no shift for any doctor and nurse, everyone has to work twenty-four hours now. Doctors and nurses are also getting infected now and their families are also being infected by the virus taking stomach.

Stage IV (fourth stage) progresses further:

Now a lot of pneumonia patients have increased and a lot of people need ICU and now there is no place for everyone in ICU. Now the situation has come to Italy where doctors are treating them only those who are expected to be saved. That means doctors are not able to treat the old, and those who are suffering from other diseases, because now the doctor has to save patients with coronavirus. Because now in the hospital Not left in place for all.

Stage IV (fourth stage) proceeds:

Now people are dying because there is no place in hospitals and ICU. A doctor friend of mine called me and told me that he left three people to die because there was no place. Nurses are crying because they are dead people can’t do anything except giving them oxygen.

A relative of a friend of mine died yesterday because he could not be treated. Now the Coronavirus has spread completely everywhere.

For more information about Coronavirus, you can go to the World Health Organisation (WHO) official page.

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