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Coronavirus: Latest situation in India and awareness


Hey Friends, here all people not only India also the whole world are afraid of the single virus that is Coronavirus but also called COVD-19. Here i’m going to discuss this dangerous virus. We will know about the reasons and how can you avoid this virus.

Let’s discuss Coronavirus

Coronavirus was firstly come into limelight when some people were infected by a coronavirus in China’s Wuhan city.

Actually Coronavirus is the group of viruses and its symptoms are they cause illness in the body and common cold etc. The novel coronavirus is the new type of strain that was never ever identified in humans before. Coronavirus is a zoonotic virus which comes in human from cats. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still more affecting China but it also major affecting some of the countries like South Korea, Iran, Italy, etc.

Symptoms: If you are looking for Coronavirus’s symptoms then it fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, difficulties in-breath or shortness of breathing, etc. It can also several diseases like pneumonia, acute respiratory, kidney failure or death. It is commonly spreading in humans by humans. It can not be detected under the incubation period (2 to 14 days). After some days their sign comes as effective.

When we are talking about the country of India, it becomes more important to tell here that the population here is much more than other developed countries and the star of the medical faculty is also not very right. As you know, many countries which are far ahead of India in terms of money, there is a lot of havoc of coronavirus. More than thousands of people are dying every day.

The number of people infected with corona is increasing day by day. The whole world has been plagued by this virus and this crisis is going to increase very fast in India.

There were only 121 cases in Italy on 24 February, but due to not taking Serious Step, their number increased to more than 4000 by 7 March 2020. On March 8, the entire country was lockdown in Italy. Thereafter, isolation was delayed and by 16 March the number had reached 24,747.

Right now the number of people infected with the virus in India is increasing very fast and now this number has reached 250. The Prime Minister of India himself has taken cognizance many times and he is spreading awareness among the people to avoid it. Right now the Prime Minister in the country has called for a Janata curfew on Sunday, March 22 and appealed to the people that people should stay in their homes, when it is more necessary then leave the house. And at 5 o’clock in the evening with some kind of sound from your houses and windows and increase the morale of the people. Increase social distance among themselves and do not go in crowded areas.

The Prime Minister also met the state governments and appealed to them to spread maximum awareness among the people in their own state and do not let the crowd gathering in one place. This step is a very important step to protect people from coronavirus.

Here see, what our beloved people said about coronavirus

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