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This time a single virus is disturbing not one country, it is ruining countries from all over the world. Coronavirus has created a very bad pandemic situation from all over the world. In this pandemic, most of the countries are affected. There are many more viruses that had done very bad for all possible countries.

Nowadays it is being discussed everywhere that many years ago, many diseases occurred due to which millions of people lost their lives. So far more than a million lives have been lost in America alone due to coronavirus. If we talk about Corona Cases all over the world, a total of 11,40,7237 cases have been received so far in which 64,56,346 people have recovered and gone to their homes and 533,996 have lost their lives

Here is the list of the top 10 countries that have maximum cases of Covid-19. India is in 4th position in this list who has more population than any of the countries that are listed here. See below…

S. No.Country,   Total Cases
Active CasesTotal deathsTests
 World 4416895533996  11,40,7237
1USA1543185132318 36,955,038 2,936,122
2Brazil 535,396 64,365 3,330,562 1,578,376
3Russia 220,340 10,161 21,069,457 681,251
4India 247,067 19,303 9,789,066 675,453
5Peru 99,047 10,412 1,761,910 299,080
6SpainN/A28,385 5,448,984 297,625
7Chile 28,210 6,192 1,163,880 291,847
8UKN/A 44,198 10,340,511 284,900
9Mexico 69,490 30,366 634,991 252,165
10Italy 14,621 34,854 5,600,826 241,419

How the whole world’s scientists are dealing with COVID-19?

The whole world has become a trust due to the growing case of Corona. The whole world is looking at how to prepare the Corona vaccine. Scientists from all over the world are working hard to make this vaccine so that this epidemic can be dealt with. The kind of expert scientists is doing to make Corona’s vaccine shows that the whole world is looking at a vaccine. We should not miss that a vaccine takes a minimum of one year to make and some times it takes 10 years.

For example, The dangerous Ebola virus vaccine takes more than 16 years to make a successful Ebola vaccine. It takes time because this vaccine making process goes in many ways. The first test is done in the laboratory and then on the animals. If the effect of antibodies is seen, then it is tested on humans.


The process of testing on humans is also completed in three stages, the number of participants in the first phase is very less. This is because unfortunately if antibodies have the opposite effect, more people will not die. Those who participate in the first phase are completely healthy.

In the second phase, the number of participants is more and control groups are made for the ink to see how safe the vaccine is. Control groups mean those that are kept separate from those who take the test.

If all is well now, then the third phase of the experiment is brought. In this, it is determined how effective the dose of the vaccine will be. More than 90 researches were going on all over the world about Kovid’s vaccine, out of which more than 6 research has reached such stage, Where there is a silver lining in the whole world about the vaccine. All these experiments have been done by doctors and scientists in just 3 months.

What us the hope of the Indian made corona vaccine?

In this world where everyone is looking for COVID-19 vaccine at this time, India has surprised by launching the corona vaccine, firstly Baba Ramdev launches corona medicine which cures 69% of the corona patients in just 3 days and 100% patients in just 7 days. Patanjali launches this medicine by name CORONIL. But immediately after launching the drug of Corona, it came into controversy because there was no official data of the patients used to make that drug.

Something happened that many states of the country like Maharashtra and Rajasthan banned it. After 2-3 days, Patanjali’s chief and CEO Acharya Balakrishna turned from his own words. He never said that it is a medicine for Corona. After making this claim, it was not appropriate to turn away from your right. But the very next day Ramdev again cleared all the things by holding a press conference. They all cleared that this medicine is completely ayurvedic. It is a help to cure corona or any similar disease.

What is Made in India Covaccine?

According to the information so far, work on 148 vaccines is going on in the whole world and trials on 17 have reached the clinical phase. Work on this sentence is going very fast in India. In collaboration with ICMR, the Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech has made a covaccine. This covaccine is about to announce on the 15th of August as ICMR has announced. The human trial of this covaccine is about to start from the 7th of July 2020.

On behalf of the program, Bharat Biotech has been asked ICMR to trial this vaccine in fast track mode so that the covaccine is ready as soon as possible. The Hyderabad-based company that producing this vaccine is named BBV152. The biggest thing about this vaccine is that it is completely indigenous, which is completely made in India.

The results of the trial conducted in the initial phase of this vaccine have resulted in positive results, which has allowed human trials.

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