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ThiruttuVCD : New online Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam movie download


ThiruttuVCD: ThiruttuVCD is the new torrent website that provides new Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. The actual motto behind creating this website was to provide South Indian Movies to South Indian peoples. ThiruttuVCD uploads mainly south Indian movies but also releases new Bollywood movies.

In today’s era, everyone wants everything free. Here I will tell you about a pirated website who provides new Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies and new Bollywood movies. The name is ThiruttuVCD But before knowing this website, firstly you know about piracy. If anyone copies anyone’s content or anyone’s data without copyright that is called piracy. And websites who post on the /internet are called pirated websites.

What is ThiruttuVCD

Whenever I think about downloading Tamil movies, the ThiruttuVCD website comes into mind. The reason for this thinking is very simple. Because ThiruttuVCD is the website where people found their favorite Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies to watch online or download. This website has a very wide audience. If you will know about this website in deep then you will realize why this website is special.

Ever you think why ThiruttuVCD type of pirated website exists?

This is why because no men nor women are ready to go to the theater because they don’t have time or money. Every single person wants to watch their favorite movie without any cost and at their lovely home. So ThiruttuVCD is the best-pirated website for these services. Because of the high demand for this pirated website, people are creating more pirated websites.


The second reason is their ads, which shows on these pirated websites. Because of illegality, Google did not approve google ads on such websites. So they take approval from third party ads, which are very dangerous.

Download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies from ThiruttuVCD

If you have reached this ThiruttuVCD website. Then you will think that how will you download your favorite movies from this website. The downloading method from these all pirated websites is the same. The only point you have to care that you are not clicking on any dangerous ads. The identity to find these ads are that they show a small ad on the corner.

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After all this, you have to stay on that on-page and download your favorite movies. Now all steps are so simple to download or watch movies online. So you can say confidently that ThiruttuVCD can fulfill all your requirements related to movies or tv shows.

How to download new movies from ThiruttuVCD

When you are on ThiruttuVCD website then you don’t have to worry about download new Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies. If you are going to download any movies from thiruttuVCD then you have to know how to download.

Let me tell you that firstly you have to go on active thiruttuVCD proxy. Now you were thinking that what is proxy. When the Government bans these types of websites then these pirated websites change their domain name and choose closely related to their main old website. Here is some proxy who is useful to find your main website. (Active)

With the help of all these proxies, you can find your favorite movie and can download also it. The ThiruttuVCD website is seen most often because the movie is available in the best quality of it.

How to download HD quality movies from thiruttuVCD

When you are downloading any movie then firstly you see their size and picture quality. If Picture quality is down you won’t download that movie. ThiruttuVCD is the website where you will never regret picture quality. ThiruttuVCD provides many types of new HD movies in good picture quality.

Maharshi full movie online and 300mb Download
Dear Comrade full HD quality movie download
Server Sundaram full 720p HD movie download
Dagaalty 2020 new HD movie download
Master Vijay’s full action movie HD download
Indian 2020 new movie online HD download

Which types of movies are on thiruttuVCD

When you will enter thiruttuVCD pirated website then you will amaze on options. There are so many options and movie categories. All this has been done for those reading there so that their favorite movie can be found easily. Here are some genre of movies-

Horror       Action
Psychological Adventure
Romance         Animation
TV ShowCrime


Knowing all the information you have to think that if you are going on thiruttuVCD or any other pirated website, it means you are taking a step towards illegal work. So think a minimum ten times before going on these types of pirated or torrent websites.

All these types of websites are illegal which can be very harmful to use. By the piracy thiruttuVCD type pirated websites make losses of crores. So don’t use pirated websites. We strongly oppose any type of pirated websites.

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