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Your Knowledge is Not Power… But Knowledge Can Be Your Strength!

A person who dissuades people from their imagination world to about the important truths during this life. Actually he is  The true champion of the downtrodden

We have been told you, that ever since we were little, that true strength resides in knowledge and wisdom.
‘Knowledge is power!’ goes the old saying, indicating that by gaining knowledge, you can be powerful’. What you think about it? Is it true? Just think for a while, If Knowledge is your power then what you think- only a degree holder can rule over the country. But it’s not happening Nowadays.

But if that was the case, philosophers and scientists would be ruling over the world by now. Evidently, there is more to this ancient saying than our common and shallow interpretation.

You always hear students whining about the uselessness of mathematics and complex equations in their daily life ‘What is the point of learning something if you cannot use it?’ They ask. The same question can be asked of almost everything we learn in our lifetime.

Our philosophical beliefs ,that our mindset and our ideas what we have in our mind, about the future, our thoughts on economy and society. All of those are things we learn from people and brilliant minds that have shaped the inspiration of communal life on Earth. Many of you’re constantly moved by what you read on this blog, but most of the people tend to forget what they read after two days.

How many of my concepts and methods does one think are implemented over the years? The answer could also be disappointing, but the question raised is worth your thoughts.

You see, gaining knowledge isn’t getting to assure your path to success, but implementing your wisdom on a day to day can!

Knowledge does not inherently breed power, but it can be used to manipulate the occurrence of things in the world surrounding you.

The more knowledgeable you are, the more capable you will prove when it comes to solving problems that require a sharp mind and a profound wisdom.

inner power

Without action or motion, knowledge is just the idea of learning something and forgetting it after a while.

Eighty percent of what you learn in school, at the very least, is lost to you as time passes.

The chemistry of life is a little more complicated than that.

If you refuse to find out about necessary things then implement those things in your life, you’re doomed to experience failure over failure until your days are over.

Assume that the collective intelligence within the world is simply a ladder which will assist you climb the steps of success.

Without that motion, the ladder is simply a ladder you’ll watch from afar.

From now on, approach the ladder and begin climbing!

So, Friends this was our inner words for you. In my opinion all have such kind of words, such kind of thoughts. But we need someone to scratch them, We need to someone that can insist us.

First we need to do introspect yourself, before move forward.

We will come back with another interesting topic. You can suggest us in what topic you want articles. We will try our best to provide all the information , what you want? Till enjoy and spread love with share this blog.


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