RPF: Full Form, Duty, and carrier of railway protection forces


What is the full form of RPF?

In view of the cabinet decision, RPF has been given the status of Organized Group A (OGAS) and RPF will now be known as Indian Railway Protection Force Service. People need protection at railways stations and the Government needs too to protect the railway property so Railway Protection Force (RPF) appointed.

What is the difference between RPF and GRPF?

RPF (Railway Protection Force) and GRP (Government Railway Police) have separate functions. RPF is a security force directly under the Union Ministry of Railways, and its primary responsibility is to protect and safeguard railway property from damage or sabotage and including rolling stock, permanent walkways, and station or yard premises. Vandalism, theft, etc.

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GRP, on the other hand, is a police organization under the control of the state government in each state, and its primary mission is to maintain law and order and ensure passenger safety onboard trains and IR property. In this way GRP concerns itself about robberies or other criminal incidents on trains or railway premises, In relation to railways, there are police powers for missing persons, injuries or deaths, and arrests of persons in each state, filing criminal cases, etc. (such as the powers of police to enforce local law and order, constitutionally acting under the control of the Union Government. Doers are not available to any entity.)

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BSF, CISF, CRPF It is part of the Central Arms Police Organization. RPF i.e. Railway Police Protection Force It is deployed for the safety of railways. Their duty is kept at the railway station, police station above the railway station, trains and various railway offices, industries.

The role of BSF, CISF, CRPF is different from these. BSF Border Security Force It guards the borders of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries.CISF Central Industrial Security Force performs duties at several major industrial airports of the government and other important places. The CRPF Central Reserve Police Force works in the national defense of internal defense and its various parts and also performs BSF, CRPF, CRPF Election Duties, and other such duties.

How to become an officer in Railways? How to go to RPF and other departments?

There are two ways to become a direct group ‘A’ officer in Railways. In both ways, the examination is done by the Union Public Service Commission. These are the names of examinations:

Civil Service Exam (CSE) [1]
Engineering Service Exam (ESE) [2]
The educational qualification for the civil service exam is to pass the graduate examination from any recognized institution or university. This examination takes place every year. It has 4 parts.

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Prelims (objective type)

Mains (Subjective Type – 9 papers)
Medical assessment
After passing all four phases of this exam, services are allocated according to rank. It consists of a total of 20–21 services. Top Rankers get these services:


After this comes these four services of the railway:

I. R. T. S. (Indian Railway Traffic Service)
I. R. A. S. (Indian Railway Accounts Service)
I. R. P.S. (Indian Railway Personal Service)
R. P. F. (Railway Protection Force)

RPF History

Railway Protection Force(RPF) is in one of the best forces of Indian forces. Firstly RPF established on 27 July 1984 and handover to railway ministery. It means Railway protection force comes under railway ministery. In all over India more than 1,75,000 active RPF staffs and serving to nation.

Whenever the country or the railways comes to know about their government property or any apprehensive event, the RPF is first alerted.

RPF does not just do the job of protecting railway property or providing security to the passengers of the railway but they also arrange for the rehabilitation of the orphans found at the railway stations.
One of his special things is that at first the purpose of the establishment of RPF was only the monitoring and safety of the railway but later it was further expanded and named RPF. It is a kind of center security force whose second form is a paramilitary force.

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